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Friday, September 09, 2005


Well the album is finished, mastered, and off to the duplicators. (I was going to write replicators...but that's stargate...)

Luke (McMartin) played me some of the album last night, and it sounds incredible! Guy, our sound engineer is taking one of the songs with him to the UK later in the year, and he hopes to get it air time on a gospel station he knows about. Interesting stuff if it happens.

The album will be released on September 28th, for a very good price of $20. Apparently if we pre-order, we get them for $19.95. I asked if I get a free one for all my hard work...and Luke told me that I should buy 10 to pay for my studio time! The trouble with Luke is that you never know when he's telling the truth (a fantastic quality for a youth pastor to have...)...thankfully I know he's just muckin' around...I hope!

So if you want to get a copy, email me at this address: boardman.paula AT gmail.com, and we'll sort something out!

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