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Friday, September 23, 2005

Brass Monkey Pt 2

I can't believe I forgot this part of Saturday night!

As it was my friend's birthday, we'd given her details to the bar staff, who then in turn passed them on to Glenn Tillbrook...which meant that he said something to her after nearly every song, followed by a "cheers, then!". Close to midnight, we decided to leave, as many had an early call for church the next morning. But instead of all 10 of us leaving at the same time, we decided that we'd leave in 1's and two's, so it wouldn't be so rude.

Eventually, there were just four of us left at the table, and while I was in the bathroom, the three remaining girls decided to leave. I heard the whole restaurant yell out "See you Becci", followed by silence - no band, or anything. When I returned to the restaurant, Glenn was no longer on stage, and people were leaving the restaurant in droves!

Upon leaving the restaurant, I found all of my friends waiting for me - surrounded by the diners in the restaurant, and Glenn, who had decided to seronade us to our cars - 2 blocks away!

Belive me, it makes for an interesting night when you're escorted to your car by Glenn Tillbrook and half a restaurant!

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