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Friday, September 23, 2005

I still don't like Bob

following on from my previous post....

They're still not claiming any responsibility for the red paint on my car, however they have kindly offered to polish the offending paint and scratch out of my paintwork. That's nice of them. (I'll post about it when it's done...don't hold your breath).

My car is now registered - the RTA were great - no extra inspections required. For once, I appreciated the service I recieved at a Government Office. Wonders never cease.

I prayed for God to intervene in the Bob Jane saga, and He has....and still is. Still learning to trust, I guess.

The worst (or best?) thing about the whole thing, is that I couldn't let myself really loose it. They knew when I was not happy, but at the same time, I tried hard not to let my anger cause me to sin.

Every time I was tempted to really loose it, it was just like God was sitting on my shoulder and reminding me that I am His ambassador. What if my decision to have a dummy spit at the staff member stopped him from coming to know Christ? (in any way or form?) I need to live as an example - not just at church, but in every day life. Even when I'm getting a raw deal from a garage.

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