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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

it begins....

After months of rehearsals and a year of planning, Intensifire 05 kicks off at 7:30 tonight. Which means that I won't be back at work until Tuesday next week (because Monday's a public holiday!).

We had our final rehearsal and sound check last night, and it's going to be LOUD! They've bought in 4 extra sub bins for the sound system, and I know for sure that we're exceeding the decibel limit that we have for "normal" church.

Ps Luke (McMartin) is speaking tonight...

I'll try and post updates from the conference if I get the chance.

Oh - please keep the band & vocalists in your prayers, as we're going into the conference with no back-up team. We're it -AND we're recording another live album and DVD on friday night. Should be interesting.

Ahhh, there's nothing like staying busy, and how nice was that public holiday!
:) Monday 3rd is the public holiday here...it's great in that I get a day to sleep and recover from the conference!
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