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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Saturday night I flew directly from Melbourne (after my 3-day work conference), and upon landing, went straight to the Entertainment Centre to see Hugh Jackman in "The Boy From Oz".

If you haven't seen it yet, (and you live in Perth) do yourself a favour and GO!!! It's an incredible experience, and Hugh truly dissapears into the character of Peter Allen. I'm itching to go and see it again, but the seat I had cost $150 and I'd want to get a bit closer the next time...not sure if that's going to be an option, especially with the sounds that are still coming from my car.

I enjoyed my very first trip to Melbourne last week, and on the way back to the airport, my boss indulged me by taking me down Lygon street, and promised to take me to the MCG on my next trip to Melbourne. Aahh, it felt good to be in the homeland of AFL :)

Hopefully I'll have some pics we took at the Boy from Oz to post soon. I'd never realised how sad the song "Tenterfield Saddler" was. It was very hard to not cry during the song! Hugh Jackman was incredible though. My friends and I kept having to remind ourselves that it really was Hugh there on stage and not someone else. It was slightly surreal! I left the show feeling very inspired - theatre and professional stage productions do that to me. I always wish that I had continued with my dancing - I would have loved to be involved in dance and theatre. Maybe it might still happen. You never know.

Till next time!


I would like to go see that actually but unfortunately paying for petrol to get to uni is more important currently. Ha ha.

How goes Word Sydney?
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