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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ok bloggers!

Now I've found a computer I can use before youth, I have finally adjusted my mobile blog to post directly to this one here. That way, you can see all my lovely pictures (!) without having to go to that other mobile blog address. And, if I'm still in your RSS reader or your bloglines...whatever you use, you will be able to realise that I'm still alive!

Oh here's some random fun news - Rodney (from The Journey) started his own footy tipping comp (that's AFL footy for the uneducated!), and I'm currently ranked 5th! As you can see, poor Rodney is currently 14th - out of 14! This makes me happy....not that he's 14th........anyway!
Insight (we stil don't have a website, so no link love here) are off to our young adults camp this weekend - our "success weekend". We've got accommodation this year that's 1000% up on last year's - I think there's actually heating at this place :) we're all looking forward to it - should be great. We've got John Cameron coming over from NZ for the camp - it should be a great weekend.
Well off to youth!

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