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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Years...

Well according to my computer clock, the time is 11:56pm on new year's eve.
"What am I doing home, on my computer at that time?" I hear you all

...well some of my friends went camping, but it's on the brink of raining
and I don't have any camping gear, so I decided not to go camping. The
other half of my friends were invited to an "invitation only" new year's
party, and because I don't live here anymore I wasn't invited to that
party, so I invited a friend of mine and her boyfriend (who also happens to
be my brother's best friend) around for dinner...they came and left around
an hour ago. So I've spent the last half hour playing Uno Attack with my
parents (which was fun...I won most of the games!), and now I'm watching
the end of Moulin Rouge on channel 7 before I see in the new year by
myself. (gee I'm having a great whinge!)

Well, as I write this it's just gone midnight, so happy new year's
everyone...hope you had an enjoyable night.

You aren't the only one spending the new years by yourself! I decided to stay home tonight and eat pizza and go to the sauna, instead of going out to party. My room mates are out of town so I'm enjoying the time alone. Here in Finland it's 4:40pm though...
Well cheers to spending the new years eve alone! ;)
Happy New Year Paula!
When are you back in NSW?
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