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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Well with the weather warming up, it seems it's time for the backyard cricket season to begin! - and it seems like it's not just in the backyard!
Yesterday morning for our staff meeting, our senior pastor decided that we'd go and play a game of cricket in the church carpark.  It was a beautiful morning for it - the sun was quite warm, so if you were fielding, or even waiting for your turn, it was beautiful just to be able to be outside in the sun! 
Unfortunately, I did not quite live up to my cricketing heritage, and was out on my 2nd ball for a lovely duck.  Then again, it was one of those matches where the wickets moved depending on where the wicket keeper was, and our Senior Pastor was the "refumpire", so what he said was law :)
Over all, it was a great match - my team lost, but the senior pastor's team won....hmmm...and only a small amount of blood was shed (due to a spectacular collision by the batters!)

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