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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'm back!

Well I'm back from my holidays - if you can call them that!  I took 5 days off, but they were spread over two weeks, with 2 days of work in the middle, so I didn't really get a chance to relax.  But, it was great spending two weeks with my sister. 
The first weekend that she was here we headed off to Hillsong on the sunday night for their Touching Heaven worship night, which was fantastic.  It was the first time that my sister had been to their new building, so she was really blown away by the size of everything. 
The next weekend, which is where my holiday started, we headed off to Wollongong for a "mini-break" - to see our friends and go to their bands' final concert (www.blindband.com).  The weekend was a bit of a bust as our accomodation wasn't quite what we expected (a slight case of false advertising - www.wslr.com.au), and due to some maintenance problems, we had maintenance guys in the cabin on the first night, and also early the next morning! And, the first day we were there, Wollongong put on a great thunderstorm for us!  We got drenched (and that's no exaggeration!) just running 10 metres to the fish & chip shop! Our clothes were still wet the next day. However, the next day was beautiful, so of course we spent the whole afternoon inside at the major shopping centre in Wollongong! (as you do!)
Then, it was back to work for 2 whole days, then on holidays for another 3 - Wednesday saw us heading into the city to go and see "The Lion King".  It was incredible.  If you haven't gone to see it, GO!!!!!  I'm ready to go again! (you can get tickets from www.thelionking.com.au, or www.ticketmaster7.com.au)
The rest of the holiday was spent being tourists - going aqua golfing at panthers, going shopping at Koorong in West Ryde, going to see Bridget Jones:The edge of reason, sleeping in...(I wish!  I've got construction workers right next door to my house - one morning they started at 6:30!!! - A whole HOUR before I even consider getting up on a work day!), going to Krispy Kremes, and then back to the airport to drop my sister off.  Needless to say, now I need a holiday to get over the one I've just had.

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