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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Well, my holidays are just  'round the corner, which is great, as I really need one!
My sister arrives on saturday, and then it's a mix of holidays and work for the next two weeks.
We're supposed to be going to a BBQ in Wollongong on thursday, but we're not sure if that's still happening, as one of our friends who were hosting the bbq has been called in to work all day :( bummer!  Oh well.  We'll still be there, so we'll just create a party for three days!

Wollongong, hey? We are currently in the process of organising a subsidised beach bus for Wollondilly, Camden & Campbelltown youth to get down there this summer school holidays. Some nice spots - where are you going?
We're going to be staying at Fairy Meadow - right next to the beach, which should be nice. Most of the reason that we're going there is for our friends' band "Blind" - they're having their final show on the friday night, so we're also going to be spending time at Figtree.
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