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Monday, December 13, 2004

it's been a while...

Well now that the craziness of the past week is behind me, I should be more frequently blogging (well here's hoping anyway!)
Last night was the final night of our Christmas production "The Exquisite Gift".  It's the first time that my church has held a christmas production - every year for the past 15+ years we've held "Carols by Candlelight", which was always a HUGE success.  However, the RTA decided that they wanted our land that we hold that on, so now we've gone inside and started a new tradition with our Christmas production.  On saturday night we had around 750-800 people there - not quite a full house, but a good crowd regardless.  But, on Sunday night, we had 1000+, more than a full house!  Our ushers were adding seats like crazy, and we even had people in the overflow.  It was a great night, followed by more fun with our fabulous Jazz Monkees featuring me! And of course we all partied on like crazy afterwards - even going back to a friends house afterwards...I was still wide awake at 2am this morning due to a scrumptious Frappacino from my favourite barista Simon Refalo :)
Our album launch last weekend went really well too.  Apparently we only produced 500 CD's, so if you want one, you'd better get in quick!  At the moment the only place that you can get the CD's from is the bookshop at Liverpool CLC (which is only open on sundays), but you can also order them by calling the office, or emailing to info (removethis) @clcliverpool.com.au

Simon the barista!!!! What can't this guy do?! It's a long way from banking & probably more inspiring for his songwriting hehe : )
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