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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Paradise Road

It's the time of the year when all of my church involvements stop due to christmas.  This means no more wednesday night CM rehearsals, no more Friday night Insight rehearsals/meetings, and no more cell group on monday nights.  This leads to a severely high level of boredom...luckily a friend of mine has access to the pool at the Holsworthy Barracks, so if we've got nothing to do we'll go and do laps.....but, those plans fell through last night, so I was left home....bored :(
However, "Paradise Road" - a movie I'd always wanted to see but hadn't, was on channel 7 last night.  So that's what I did.
Those women were truly amazing and inspirational.  The fact that it's based on true events...my gosh!
I think my favourite part/s in the whole movie are when the guards are about to "stop" the first orchestra performance and they start singing.  The look on the guards face is beautiful.  And then when that same guard took glenn close's caracter into the jungle and sang to her - It reminded me that music really is the universal language - it surpasses all barriers that exist with the differing languages.  That also reminded me that even though the Japanese were/are portrayed as savages during WW2, they were still human, and their hopes and dreams had also been placed on hold by the war - they were just soldiers too.  I loved the scene at the end where the soldier who ran their camp made the comment about how there'd be no more music because Margared had died...then they picked up stones, sticks, even shoes, so they could make noise in her honour, and in defiance of the soldier.
It's a truly inspirational story about what we as humans are capable of - both the good, and the evil.

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