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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last days...

Well tonight is my last night at home in Lincoln. I fly out to Adelaide
mid-morning, spend the 3 hour lay-over at Glenelg eating icecream on the
beach, then arrive back in Sydney around 6pm. It's sad to leave, but it's
also exciting to be going home.

I think that I've managed to catch up with as many of my friends as is
humanly possible in the two weeks I've been here! It definitely proves who
your real friends are, when they make time to see you, no matter how busy
they are. I've found in the two years I've been living in Sydney, it's
surprising who will keep in contact, and who won't. It makes it easier for
me to know who to visit when I come back :)

Sadly, most of the friends that have kept in touch with me are ones that
aren't too heavily involved in the church. They may be involved in
ministry, but they're also still in contact with "the outside world" -
they're not so involved that they don't see the bigger picture, and their
lives are a healthy balance of church and "non-church" activities (if you
get what I mean!) Most of these friends are also ones that have spent time
away - living overseas or in other cities, and so have attended other
churches and are conscious of a bigger church than those who have spent
their lives in a small country church. Sorry if I sound jaded, but it's
the truth.

However, this time around, I've managed to catch up with friends that live
interstate, and other friends that I haven't seen or spoken to in years!
Tomorrow morning before I catch my flight, I'm even having a quick coffee
with a friend I haven't seen for 18 months - she's just had a baby, so that
should be cool!

So now it's off to bed for me, so I can get up early enough to pack and go
and have more! coffee............

welcome home!
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