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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

back to the grindstone...

Well, I'm back at work, and with nothing to do for the next 4 weeks it should almost be like a continuation of my holiday!...mmm a holiday at work!
Planetshakers starts it's Sydney conference tonight, so I'm going to be attempting to go to as many of the night meetings that I can - I'll have to leave straight after work to get there early enough to get a good seat.  It should be great though.  I didn't get  to go at all last year, so a couple of night meetings is better than nothing.
Thankyou to everyone who's been visiting and leaving comments!  They make me feel loved (haha).  For some reason, the computer I was using while on holidays wouldn't load the blog properly, so I couldn't view the comments, or even check to make sure that my posts had loaded properly!
I hope you all had a great christmas and new year, and here's to a fantastic 2005.

working holiday what an oxymoron!
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