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Friday, January 07, 2005


I went to the second night of Planetshakers (In Sydney) last night.  It was AMAZING!  Ps Pat Schatzline spoke on "Another Time, Another Place" - about heaven, and also about having a burden for the lost. I'd never even heard of Ps Pat before last night.  My brother, who had heard him speak the night before at Planetshakers in Adelaide, mentioned to me that it was like Pat had A.D.D. or something similar - he's just so high energy!  It's exhausting just listening to him speak!
Guy Sebastian was at Planetshakers last night also, which was great.  Neil Smith got up and welcomed him, but also told the conference that we were to respect Guy in that he was there to be part of the conference, and so we should give him his space to worship.  Apparently he was at Adelaide Planetshakers for a night also, and Neil gave the same speech there.  I think it was good that Guy came, because it gave everyone a chance to congratulate him on his achievements, but also reassured everyone that he's still going on for God. (if there was any doubt!)
Last year I didn't make it to Planetshakers, as my youth group went to shakers in Brisbane - and as I usually take 2 weeks off over Christmas to visit my family interstate, it makes it a bit hard to take an extra week to go to shakers.  I think I'd forgotten how LOUD Planetshakers is!  My ears were almost numb by the end of the worship.  - I think I'll have to take earplugs tonight...can't be too careful!
It's weird going to a planetshakers meeting, and then going home to sleep in my own bed.  Every year that I've been to shakers, we've travelled to adelaide and stayed at the same caravan park - like a camp.  But now it's just like a normal meeting.  Part of the planetshakers experience has always been the travel and the camping...but now that's not part of it, so it's strange.
I'm planning to go to shakers again tonight and tomorrow night - Reggie Dabbs is speaking tonight, and Glen Berteau is speaking Saturday.  I've only ever heard Reggie speak on DVD, so it should be great finally hearing him speak in person.

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