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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Well, I've missed a few days again....but this time I've got a good excuse - I promise!

We went to Stanwell Park/Beach on saturday, and silly me used sunblock that turned out to be expired.

Does anyone know what expired sunblock does? It actually acts as an attractor....

So sunday morning, I was slightly sore, and also had sunstroke, so I skipped the evening service and tried to watch the cricket - I think I only saw about 3 overs :)

Monday morning, I got up and showered, but when I went to get ready for work, I realised that I couldn't tolerate anything on my back or shoulders....and so couldn't go to work! AAGH. I hate being stuck at home when you're not sick...

My sister and mother (who are: pharmacy assistant and ex-nurse respectively) advised me to get some solugel and op-site flexigrid to place over the worst sunburn, which is what I did. It's still excruciatingly painful (and very hard to sleep), but I've managed to get myself to work today...not sure how long I'll last though - I might have to take my sorry self off to the doctors :(

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