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Thursday, January 20, 2005

still ouchies

Well I went to the doctor, and it turns out that I have 2nd degree burns on my shoulders, and deep burns on my back.
Apparently you're not supposed to put op-site on burns! (Well that's what they do in the adelaide burns units?!) So, the sister took it off. The pain was excruciating! I nearly fainted a few times, and had to hold myself up or I would have fallen over from the pain. Then the sister put Silvazine on the burn and dressed it, which hurt even more...I was such a mess after that, that they put me in a little room and gave me a cup of tea so I could collect myself. I couldn't drive home, so thankfully, two girls from work came and picked me and my car up and took me out to Gloria Jeans for some therapeautic creamy hot cocoa :)
So now my daily routine includes a morning visit to the treatment room of the local clinic for my SSD Treatment. All good fun. (Yeah right).
Times like these you wish you were still living at home with mum...she can fix everything!

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