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Monday, January 24, 2005


Thanks to Jason and Gavin for saying Hi! It's always nice to get a bit of feedback (hint, hint!).

Regarding my burns, I'm actually doing quite well. Saturday was my first day without any bandages, so I headed off with my youth group to Jervis Bay for a BBQ...then we decided to go to a "walk" to Steamers Beach. It's about 4km there, including 220 steps that go straight down a cliff face. It was hard enough for me going downhill the whole way there (I was wearing thongs - on my feet...), but once we got to the beach and recovered, we went back....I nearly died!!! It took about 30 minutes to get to the beach, and 50 to get back. Luckily there was no sun, so there was no risk of further sun damage - it was just hot....the thunder and lightning started on the walk back, so that was refreshing.

Someone saw the copious amounts of flesh coming off my back on saturday, and asked "what the heck's wrong with your back?!"....so calmly I replied..."leprosy"...you should have seen their face!!!! haha! (Sorry...I have a really warped sense of humour!)

More good news- I went to the doc on sunday morning for my final check-up, and my burns no longer need bandaging...so now it's just aloe vera 3 times a day. My skin should look fantastic once it's all healed and the redness has gone away! PRAISE GOD!

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