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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

new years resolution?

well, obviously mine didn't stick, as evidenced by the severe lack of posts.
here are my excuses: I have a new phone and I'm still trying to work out how to post photo blogs via it......I'm busy at work....I'm busy at home....all my spare time is spent sleeping.....um....i was playing with the dog.....too many weddings to attend....

suprisingly, they're all true, but that's still no excuse.

when i get a spare second with a half decent computer with a half decent internet connection, I PROMISE THAT I WILL UPLOAD PHOTOS FROM THE PAST however long :)

meanwhile, i'm keeping busy with easter rehearsals, work, and weddings. my friend Mel married Brendan, our pastor's son last weekend, and another friend Racel is getting married on Saturday....I'm singing 2 songs for the ceremony. We had her hen's night the other day...but there will be no photos from that memorable occasion :)

well youth's about to start....I will be updating this soon....hopefully with photos live from my mobile :)


Hey, so good to hear from you.

Word Bookstore in Perth is looking for a new store manager. Ever thought of heading west? You'd love it here. :)
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