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Monday, February 12, 2007

Long time....again!

So it's been...three months? since my last post? This is beginning to sound like a confessional!

Now...what has happened since my last report...my parents went home, so I had my house to myself again. Then, I faced my first Christmas on my own. That was a different experience. I sang at church in the morining (nothing new there), then headed home to open presents via video call. It's great that my brother and sister both have NextGen phones, so now we can actually see each other in real-time, not just in mms pictures. All presents were hits - especially series 2, 3, 4 & 5 of Viva La Bam that I gave to my brother and Matt (who lives with my family).

Christmas dinner was at a friends house, and we spent the evening playing poker. Again, nothing new there. Then, it was new year's eve. That evening was spent playing poker. See what I mean? :)

Then all of a sudden, it was Sydney Festival time, which means Symphony & Jazz in the domain. Both events were exceptional. The Jazz was by a group from Brazil, and featured Abraham Laboriel on bass, which made my day!

Then, it was Australia Day, and I had the privelege of meeting Third Day at their Sydney Concert. Photos to come.

And now, I'm on holidays in Lincoln with my family. I attended a friend's wedding on the weekend, and performed a solo at my old church last night. NOthing new their either!

So that's my quick update. Photo's to come later, but I'm on a computer at the library, and I'm about to run out of time. I'm back at LSCA next week, so updates should be more regular from then on!

Back soon-er! I promise :)

I thoroughly enjoyed your update post ... nothing new there ... I always enjoy your posts.

Hopefully we'll see something a little more regular in 2007. :)
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