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Friday, November 04, 2005

Lane Cove's Hole

Construction of the Lane Cove tunnel has caused a hole to open up in the ground under an apartment block in Lane Cove. All 60 residents were evicted from their homes on Tuesday, as the building became structurally unsafe. Emergency crews have since poured over 1000m2 of concrete into the hole to help sure up the building, but the future of the apartment complex is still uncertain. The last report I heard about the building was that it was likely to be condemned. Footage was shown on the news last night of one of the rooms in the first floor apartment falling into the hole. Interestingly, it's become somewhat of a tourist attraction. (Personally, I'd probably go and have a look too, if I lived closer to Lane Cove!).

This morning on Sunrise, they had what they were calling a "Tweety Twupdate". It turns out that one of the residents left her baby bird inside her apartment, and was quite worried about Tweety. When I left for work, they were unsure as to how they were going to get the bird out, as no humans were being allowed into the front of the building (where the hole is) - only police robots were going into the building.

But a bit of googling later, and I came across this article:

Robot may rescue stranded pet Tweety
Friday Nov 4 11:44 AEST
The apartment crumbles (Photo: Channel 9)

A police bomb squad robot may try to rescue a pet cockatiel trapped on the top floor of a partially-collapsed Sydney unit block.

Forty-seven residents were evacuated on Wednesday when part of the three-storey building at Lane Cove crumbled into a massive pit, which opened up when a section of the Lane Cove Tunnel project collapsed.

Read more [here]

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wow. what a story!!! poor birdie!!! poor people with all their stuff in that building. . no place to go. .
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