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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Seven Dwarfs

When it comes to the seven dwarfs, I've often been referred to as Dopey. That didn't bother me too much, as he was my favourite, and I know that I can be downright Dopey when my brain's not engaged. However, today I think that Grumpy would describe me much better.

It's now been 1 week to the day since my car was stolen, and moved down the road. 1 week later, and my insurance company has informed me that my car has been considered a "total loss", and my claim should be finalised by next week. That's handy, as that's also when I'm due to return my rental car. (However, by boss' friend has agreed to sell me his 2000 Hyundai Excel for only $600 more than I paid for my 1987 Ford Laser - and it's only got 80,000kms on the clock.)

That's not really what I'm grumpy about though. What I'm grumpy about is that the thief had to wait until I'd put a new motor in the car, and got it re-registered before they went and stole it! Hopefully everything ($$) will work out nicely, and I'll be driving my own car again within a week.

Arrrghhh, sometimes the timing of things is so annoying. Although it happens like that for a reason, when you can't see it it's downright frustrating.

Being without your own car is annoying too, especially when you don't have the option of a rental (bussing it to uni is not fun, I have a lot of respect for people who do it all the time).

It's cool that you get a bit of an upgrade though. Enjoy the new car!
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