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Monday, October 17, 2005


Today we spent the morning on jet-ski's heading over to Beqa Lagoon. It's 7 nautical miles from Pacific Harbour to Beqa. Once there, we circumnagivated the island, stopping to snorkel at the Beqa Barrier Reef, and then again at a little beach for lunch. I did the driving in the sheltered water, and let Benjamin take over on the more open stuff. I think sometimes he forgot I was on the Jet-Ski with him...his dirtbike riding style definitely stood out - we were "fish-tailing"it over some of the larger waves - and racing with the other jet-ski on our left (who happened to be a couple from adelaide on their honeymoon!)

So far we've seen cows & horses on the side of the road, a mongoose, lots of cane toads, geckos (they come into your Bure and bark at you at night), and nearly every fish from "Finding Nemo". Benjamin's even seen some sea turtles - hopefully we'll see them when we do our scuba dive later this week.

More later!

wow sounds great paula
it sure does!
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