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Thursday, October 20, 2005

last post?

Well today was probably my last "activity" day here in Fiji. We went Scuba diving at 7am (!) and saw turtles, reef sharks, gropers, numerous clown fish - even one that looked like Nemo. There was a coral covered in sea anemonies and clown fish, and we were able to touch the clown fish. That was an incredible experience. At one stage during the dive the sea went dark, which I thought was strange, until I looked up and realised that we were swimming under a large coral overhang. I think the deepest that I went was 16m, which isn't bad for my first Scuba dive!

After the dive, I went kayaking in the lagoon with my brother, then snorkelling in the lagoon. I was chasing a beautiful picasso fish for 10 minutes or so, when he decided that I must be a predator, and so tried to attack me, by swimming directly at my mask. We chased each other like that for what seemed like forever, until he got clever and hid under a lump of coral.

We rounded out the day with some fun in the pool, and a waterfight with some of the staff at Crusoe's. Let me just say that revenge is a dish best served cold. So Paul (even though you're not reading this), you'd better watch out!

The day ended with me being quite a few shades redder than normal, and radiating heat. Hopefully it will all settle down before we fly home on Sunday.

Off to the Lovo!

wow, Paula! that sounds so idyllic. . . ahhhh! swimming, kayaking, snorkeling. .scuba *i hear that asthmatics can't scuba?
:( that would let me out. . d'oh!

so glad you've had this nice holiday!!
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