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Monday, October 24, 2005


I copied this from Luke's MySpace page...so I'm doing this instead of looking at my desk....2 weeks of paperwork is just too scary.

- - - - - -

1* First grade teacher's name: Ms Forrest

2* Last word you said: Aah! I did it again!

3* Last song you sang: The Setting Sun, Switchfoot

4* Last person you slapped: Benjamin Boardman onboard Pacific Blue

5* Last thing you laughed at: The staff @ Crusoe's, Fiji Islands

6* Last time you said I don't remember: I'm sure I said it A LOT while on holidays...

7* Last time you cried: nearly cried last night after my family flew out to adelaide

9* What color socks are you wearing: black...haven't worn socks (or shoes) for ages!

10* What's under your bed: suitcase and speakers

11* What time did you wake up today? 7am Fiji Time or 5am Sydney time!!! (not happy)

12* Current taste: Twinnings English Breakfast tea

13* Current hair: Finally styled after 10 years of scruffy & spiky, but still short.

14* Current shirt: brown long sleeved cotton shirt for work. exciting.

15* Current annoyance: being at work and not still in Fiji

16* Current longing: to be closer to God...to get around to writing songs, and to steal a leaf from Luke's 'book' - and to find my husband.....

17* Current desktop background: ocean & beach

18* Current worry: money...

19* Current hate: lonliness...

20* Current favorite article of clothing: crossover sleeveless black top

21* Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: eyes and hair

22* Last CD that you listened to: Alex Lloyd, Alex Lloyd

23* Favorite place to be: Since last week...Lionfish Rock, Fiji.

24* Least favorite place: Customs & Immigration

25* Time you wake up in the morning? anywhere from 7 - 7:30am weekdays, 12noon saturdays, 6am sundays. (gotta love early call times!)

26* If you could play an instrument, what would it be: I already play piano...but I'd love to play better

27* Favorite color: Blue or red.

28* Do you believe in an afterlife: definitely....what's the point otherwise?

29* How tall are you: 5'2

30* Current favorite word/saying: Gosh!

31*Favorite book: The Bible...& the Unquenchable Worshipper (Matt Redman)

32* Favorite season: Autumn, Winter & Spring

33* One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: My Nan.


35* Where do you want to go for college? if I do any further study, it will probably be @ Southern Cross

36* What is your career going to be like: Anything to do with music, and I'll be happy

37* How many kids do you want: 2 or 3?


39* Said "I love you" and meant it: Yes

40* Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish: yep, even a fish - it kept attacking me!

41* Been to New York: no

42* Been to Florida: no

43* Been to California: no

44* Been to Hawaii: no

45* Been to Mexico: no

46* Been to China: no

48* Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Yes

52* Do you have a crush on someone: sometimes...

53* What book are you reading now? Searching for the God You're Supposed to have found, Ben Windle.

54. Worst feeling in the world: Rejection/disappointing someone

55* What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? "what day is it?" or "what is my alarm going off for?"

56* How many rings before you answer: @ work, 2, at home, whenever I find where I left my phone.

57* Future daughter's name: not sure - maybe Tennyson? (and see #58)

58* Future son's name: not sure either - something prophetic though.

59* Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Never have.

60* If you could have any job you wanted: Rockstar (seriously! just ask my friends)

61* Wish you were somewhere: Yes...back in Fiji

62* Musical artist you hate: no-one in general, although I don't like the death metal stuff...

63* Piercings: 2 in each ear.

64* Do you do drugs: no

65* Do you drink: Yes

67* What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? Avon Salon Selection.

68* What are you most scared of: Failure...or succeeding then blowing it.

69* What clothes do you sleep in: Peter Alexander PJ's.

70* Who is the last person that called you: I didn't have mobile range overseas, so I can't remember who called me before I went on hol's. (sad, yes)

71* Where do you want to get married: near the ocean @ home....

72* If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: Skinnier, and maybe a bit taller (I hate taking up pants!)

73* Who do you really hate: The Devil..........

74* Been In Love: Yes

75* Are you timely or always late: generally timely..unless I'm being slack, then I'm late!

76* Do you have a job: yep

77* Do you like being around people: Yes...unless they're annoying me

78* Best feeling in the world: Singing on stage
79* Are you for world peace: well it's not going to happen anyway....(well not in the way we want it to)

80* Are you a health freak: I try to be

81* Do you have a "Type" of person you always go after: God fearing, musical, smart, employed (!), and not too much taller! (my friends would like to add a few extras....but I don't think so!)

82* Do you want someone you can't have: sometimes

83* Are you lonely right now: yep...post holiday blues

84* Ever afraid you'll never get married: no, because I know I will :)

85* Do you want to get married: Heck yes!

86* Do you want kids? Yes


87* Cried: nearly

88* Bought Something: Food, new CD

89* Gotten Sick: No

90* Sang: Yes

91* Said I Love You: No

92* Wanted To Tell Someone You Liked/loved them: No

93* Met Someone: Yes

94* Moved On: nothing to move on from...

95* Talked To Someone: Yes

96* Had A Serious Talk: yes

97* Missed Someone: Yes

98* Hugged Someone: Yes

99* Yelled at Someone: No

100* Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: no

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