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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just call me Roster Girl!

This weekend marks our first week (at church) with two evening services, the first at 5pm, and the second at 7pm. And because evening rehearsals start at 3pm, we're starting to use morning and evening teams. Occasionally we'll be needed to do a full day, but not as often as usual.

Anyway, I received my roster for the next two months in the mail last week, and was amazed to see that I was only rostered on for 3 services (well three lots of two services), excluding choir, which I do if I'm not doing anything else.

Dee, our vocals coordinator, calls me "Roster Girl" - as I'm the one she calls whenever anyone else can't make it. She promised me that my "easy two months" wouldn't run as planned, and she's come through so far.

2 of our quartet members for sunday morning can't make it, due to illness or other reasons. Dee tried a few other CM team members, all of who were unavailable (yeah...) for the sunday morning...so Dee called me, and of course I said yes. So this coming sunday, I've got a 7:30am call time for the two morning services, I'll get home from those services some time after 1pm, and I'll be back at church by 3:00pm, heading home around 9pm.

Maybe I should pack a sleeping bag and stay for the day? : )

I reckon that 1-3pm slot will be perfect for you to hit a local cafe. Any good ones near your church?
Hmm...that sounds good...we actually have a good cafe @ church. There's a few ok ones in the area...but, being a girl, I'd have to go home and get changed into a different outfit for the evening service...after all, you can't be seen on stage in the same outfit all day, can you?! haha
yep, silly me ;)
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