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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm Back!

After 5 days of enforced rest, I'm back at work. My throat is no longer sore (well, it's not constantly sore), my voice is almost all there, and my head feels like it's back to normal size.

I'm still waiting to hear if we're able to push back my studio time to next week...fingers crossed there.

Even though I wasn't well, I still managed to attend the Women's Retreat in the Southern Highlands on Saturday. I was supposed to be leading worship for the retreat, but it was hard enough to speak, let alone sing. It was a beautiful day though - spent with beautiful ladies in log cabins with wood fires hidden away in the highlands. When we arrived at 9am on saturday, our car told us that it was a lovely 1 degree outside. We were tempted to stay in the car rather than face the cold!

Now I'm tired....half a day back at work, and I'm longing to crawl under my desk and sleep for the rest of the day!

I hope you're starting to feel better.

I find that if I'm hit with any kind of bug, the symptoms lessen and I'm left feeling wiped out for days.

Seeing as you're much younger than I am, as you delight in telling me, you should bounce back reasonably quickly. Just make sure that you don't try to jump back into everything too quickly.
Hello! I came across your blog on my friend, Ally's blog (supersimbo). . . I hope you're feelin' better soon!! i'll check out more of your posts when i get a bit more time. . its supper!
so yeah, Paula, i've been reading your posts here. . It seems you're in the music biz. . Christian music biz? that's very cool. I've been a worship band member (vocals, percussion - very occasionally on the keys) for 10 years now. . in Ontario Canada.

It must be scary to be losing your voice when you're supposed to be recording!!!

When you mentioned the cold i had to think, then realized that its your winter over there. . so stay warm and get better!
Hi Kathryn! Thanks for visiting. I'm not really involved in the Christian Music "Biz". I was for a while, but the band I was with "disagreed with me" (like a bad meal!), and so I'm happily serving as part of my church's Creative Ministries team, which requires me to do a bit of "studio" work every now and then (for albums and updates,etc).
oh, i see now! cool! i like your sense of humour! "disagreed with me like a bad meal."

I'll keep checkin' in. .
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