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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The morning after...

Well last night was a late one. We got to the studio at 7:30, and got straight into things. I didn't start doing any of my vocal parts until around 11:30, and we finished up around 1:15am. So by the time I got home and into bed, it was closer to 2:30am than I wanted to believe. I tell you, it was hard to crawl out of bed this morning...and we've still got tomorrow night to go!

We managed to record the lead tracks for 4 songs, and totally finish (all vocals) two, maybe three songs. We focussed on all the "faster" songs last night, and the group vocals & shouts - after all, what's a youth album without crowd noises? (here's a tip - if you listen carefully to some of the group vocals, you might be able to hear a lonely cowboy...!) Wednesday we're focussing on the two "slower" (!) songs - their vocals are slightly more intricate, so the two will probably take as long as the four we did last night.

There are photos of last night, but they're still on the camera. Hopefully we'll be able to download some tonight and then they'll be here for your viewing pleasure!

Muso's are never in a hurry are they? :)

I'm sure the final product will be worth all the sleep depravation Paula. Sounds like it will be a great CD!
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