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Friday, July 29, 2005

[AFL] Leigh Matthews

For all those who are not yet enlightened as to all matters AFL (ie you still belong to the dark side of the force), Leigh Matthews is the coach of one of my favourite teams, the Brisbane Lions, and he has so far led them to three successive premierships in 2001-2003.

My boss (a Rugby League fanatic) is currently at a work conference in Melbourne, at which Leigh is a key speaker. (They're also going to a match at the MCG, but my boss assured me that he wouldn't go - and he wouldn't even let me go instead!!!)

So, after Leigh finished speaking this morning, my boss waltzed up to him and said pretty much this:
"I don't know who you are, and I don't like your game. I'm a league guy myself, and I don't care for your arial ping-pong. But, the girl back in my office likes you, so can I get your autograph?"

My boss took great delight in relaying this conversation to me over the phone, and then informed me that Leigh had signed something for me "To Paula, from Leigh Matthews".


What a nice gesture by your boss (even for a league guy!)

you must be stoked!
Lucky he got the sensitive new age Leigh Matthews. Back in the 70's he would have belted him ;-)
Maybe I should try to get you some autographs from some real players like the West Coast Eagles. :)
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