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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

All done!

Finally, after 2 weeks, and 3 attempts, I've finished all my parts for the album. Actually, I think that all the vocal parts have now been completed - and let me say, it's sounding amazing. The studio cuts have quite a raw, live-ish sound, and the live tracks we recorded at conference last year sound great too. We've recorded new lead vocals for the live stuff, as the existing lead track was pretty unusable, so we didn't try and make them perfect - even still, they're sounding great. I think the album's going to have 10 tracks on it - 5 live and 5 studio, although there are two tracks that were recorded both live and in the studio. Can't wait to hear it!

That's cool Paula! When & where do I get to purchase it?!
I'm not sure if we're going to be selling it outside of the church! If you want a copy, I could probably get you one @ conference (end of September).
Will I get one to play on radio way over here in Perth?
Thanks Paula! Put my name on one :o)
woohoo well done!!
Excellent Paula. well done.

Make sure you take up Rodney's offer of airplay - nothing like that sort of publicity!
Rodney, I'll probably need to clear it with my youth pastor, but there shouldn't be any problem. Hopefully I'll remember when the cd's released.
I'm so out of touch with 'praise and worship' these days given the context in which I live out my faith. I really hope it goes well and is a vehicle for many to connect with God. All the best with it!
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