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Friday, July 08, 2005

Night #5

I'm not going to Hillsong tonight, as I'm playing keys at Insight. However, I do know that the 5:00 session is going to be an annointing service, and Reinhard Bonnke is speaking at the 7:30, so that would be a fantastic meeting.

Something I forgot to put in earlier; during Session #2 on thursday, Michael led us in "Draw Me Close" - one of my favourite MWS songs. As I was singing, the line "I lay it all down again, to hear You say that I'm your friend" hit me in the head. So often, we live "knowing" that God loves us. However, for someone to consider you a friend is something different. An example, I love my cousin, but I'm not her friend. But God loves us, and HE considers US to be his friends. Friends want to spend time with you. Isn't it incredible, that God wants to spend time with us? So often, I feel "obligated" to spend time with God. But how often do you feel obligated to spend time with your friends? (Ok, sometimes you do....!)

Imagine this. It's coming up to the time when you're planning on spending time with God - reading His Word, and spending time in prayer...and God's getting excited because His friend is coming over for a chat.

It puts a different spin on things, doesn't it?

I really enjoyed reading your posts about the conference. I didn't make it to MWS talks of family. Just curious, who's his wife? Is the girl in the band related to him?
I'm glad you enjoyed the posts. The girl in MWS's band is not related to him; she's been in his band as a vocalist/guitarist/violinist for the past 3 years. Michael's wife's name is Debbie. She was at the session stream for Worship & Creative Arts.
whoa.............rienhard bonnke now thats a guy who i have severe reservations about
yeah, I did too, until I heard him speak. i've found that it's always different when you hear them - hear their heart. what are your particular reservations?
well i do not think that miracles are always the proof or evidence of the presence of God, but with his "multiple annointing" show that he puts on, it cannot be done "by" human hands because the Holy Spirit of God is sovereign and moves where He wills, not at the command of people.
He also is a part of the "word-faith" sweep accross the world.,.........."raise your hand and come to christ" or "come up to the front and be healed".........im afraid i just dont agree with this guy and his teaching or his claims of healing.......i have seen miracles but not performed by a guy on a stage with a microphone and a nice suit
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