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Friday, July 08, 2005

Night #3

Now. I didn't post this yesterday, as I was actually AT Hillsong Conference all day yesterday...more on that later.
Wednesday night's meeting was fantastic (as always!). Joyce Meyer spoke again, and she spoke about how we often unknowingly live life with a "do not disturb" sign hung around our neck. She said that often we become irritated by interruptions - when most times, they may be "divine interruptions", an opportunity that God has brought across our path, and that sometimes even the smallest things that we can do - like holding on to our self control when interrupted, can be a great witness to people around us.

The night started off the way that the "God He Reigns" DVD starts - with Tulele and the Choir. However, Tulele shared his role with Guy Sebastian (you should have heard the girls scream when they realised who it was!). Afterwards, Guy came on and sang one of my favourite songs: "Hosanna" of Paradise's latest release, Adore.

Don't know if I was imagining things, but Guy seemed quite nervous...but then it's singing a worship song infront of 30,000 people - including people that you've admired your whole life, is totally different to doing a concert for fans...(in my opinion)!

Oh - for those (overseas) who don't know who Guy is, he was a member of Youth Alive SA, and also the Planetshakers band when he won the first series of Australian Idol in November 2003

I didn't know they were getting Guy Sebastian along. I'm pleased that they did though, he such a talented guy and the Aussie church should embrace him.

How do you like the new CD? I haven't got my copy yet (will later this week) - how does it stack up against recent years?
The CD's great. It's the first {church} one I've purchased for a couple of years. I always get the United stuff, but not always the church cd. Tulele and the boys do a fantastic variation of "All For Love" (Track 2 on disc 2). Track 3 on disc 1 is fantastic too...I just know it as the clapping song...!
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