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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Night #1

Last night we began our annual pilgrimage to mecca (otherwise known as Hillsong Conference).

We had fun standing in the line for nearly 2 hours.

The superdome holds around 30,000 people, and there are 28,000 delegates. When delegates are invited to stay for both evening meetings, that doesn't leave much room for anyone else, does it? As it was explained to us (outside), the delegates didn't realise that to attend both night meetings, they need to leave the building and line up again.

See where the red line begins at Telstra Stadium? That was where the line ended when I arrived at 6:45. Within 10 minutes, the line was probably closer to the Aquatic centre than I'd like to imagine.

The green line was the delegate line. We discovered that there were even some delegates who were yet to get in. That lifted our spirits even more :)

After watching the opening on the one screen outside, we pretty much ran into the sports hall of the superdome - the overflow room. It was weird, but at least we were able to hear Dr John Maxwell speak. He has a seriously deep voice. Sometimes it even sounded like he was growling, sometimes it sounded like he was singing. So, we tried to imitate him. Unfortunately, because we were in the overflow room, everyone could hear us. Luckily my friends and I aren't shy little wallflowers, so it made it even more fun. (especially for my friend, who LOVES attention! she's 100% sanguine).

It also turns out that a friend of mine has a registration ticket for the conference that she's not using, so I'm buying it off her. So tonight, I should be in the green line instead of the red one :)

And, my boss is letting me take thursday off, so I get to go and hear Michael W Smith! AAAAHHHH!!!! Praise God!!!

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