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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

iPod alternative

I came across this today. Basically, it's an MP3 player that you plug into your cigarette lighter. The MP3's aren't stored in the device - they're stored in USB flash drives that you plug into the player. It also has ports to allow you to connect other devices such as iPods or CD Players, and it plays through your FM radio. Apparently, the sound quality is that of FM radio (makes sense.).

It has the normal features of play, stop, rewind and fast forward, and even remembers where you were up to in the song when the car was turned off.

Unfortunately, I'm yet to find somewhere to purchase the player in Australia.

If I find it anywhere, I'm going to seriously consider the purchase - it has to be cheaper than getting a new cd player!

** Edit ** The link should now take you to a page about the VR3, not to a blank shopping cart!

really cool!!!!
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