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Monday, June 27, 2005

Big Weekend

My weekend began with me finding out that I'd double-booked myself for saturday night - on friday night!!! Both things were non-negotiable, so I compromised and went to half of each.

First off was a long awaited "cell social" with the girls from my life group; it had already been postponed, and so I went out with the girls for a night of 10-pin, played two games with the girls, then headed off to a planning meeting for our youth conference "Intensifire". I got there just in time, as the meeting was just about to start (after a couple of hours of playing games and eating). It was a great night though.

Sunday was a huge day. I'm still in the end stages of having a cold, and I was required to sing at all three services, plus do an item in each of those services! Thankfully, after a week of "vocal pampering" and medications, I was ok. I'm feeling a little worse for wear today, but I could be feeling worse!

Here's hoping that this week's a little less hectic!

"vocal pampering"

c'mon Paula spill your remedy!
She removed dairy from her diet.

(When I mentioned you reference to that to my kids they told me the name of the Lano & Woodley episode and the exact circumstances leading up to it.)
Well my friend, Russel, removed dairy from his diet, and his leg grew back!

(that's for your kids, rodney!)
Bruce - pretty much I excluded all dairy (except for the dash of milk in my chai tea), all caffeine, drank copious amounts of water, restricted talking (as much as you can when you're answering phones at work!), didn't sing at all, hot drinks of honey & lemon, eucalyptus oil in burners, etc. Oh, and I tried to stay out of the cold as much as possible!
Impressive. so if I can't sing, but follow those instructions, do you think it will do me any good? :)
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