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Thursday, June 23, 2005

No Water Pt 2

Following up on the sever shortage of water over in the eastern states, I was speaking with my Mum (in South Australia) the other day. Lately it seems that every time we speak they're in the middle of a raging storm - rain, thunder, lightning, wind - the whole deal. I think our HUGE rain tank is almost full. After having no rain for a long time, the farmers weren't able to go and rip up the ground as it was TOO WET!

On a side note, local aboriginal groups in the area have begin to Sand-bag; they all think that the droughts about to break and are preparing for it. Maybe they know something we dont?

We've had water restrictions for a few years now.

This has been the best year for rainfall in a long time. We're already well ahead of the June average for rainfall.
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