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Monday, July 04, 2005

It begins

Today marks the beginning of what could probably be referred to as the "Mecca" of Pentecostal churches; otherwise known as Hillsong Conference.

My first trip to Hillsong Conference was back in 1999, when it was still being held in what is now the Ministry Centre of Hillsong Church.

My second trip (as a full-time delegate) was the year when the Delirious/Hillsong album was record
ed. I've got a feeling that may have been 2003. I can't remember back that far!

Last year, I was only able to attend night meetings because of work. What that means is that all of the pastors and PA's were at Hillsong conference, so I had to stay behind and look after the phones.

This year, I wasn't planning on going as a delegate because of the upcoming family holiday to Fiji. There's only so much annual leave that you can use. However, Michael W Smith is going to be there this week. If you don't know who MWS is, then, obviously you haven't been around CCM for long enough. I nearly died the other day when a friend went "Who's DC Talk?", so you could probably imagine my reaction to someone who'd dare to say "Who's Michael W Smith?" lol.

So after discovering that MWS was going to be there, I was going to register and attend the day that he was going to be there. However, I discovered that full-time registration is expensive (AU$259), and day-passes aren't available. So short of someone lending me their pass for the day, this is my plan...

I'm of the understanding that MWS will be at the conference on Thursday night, but I'm not sure if he will be at the 5pm or the 7:30pm meeting. - So I think I'll try and get the afternoon off work and go to both meetings :) (I'm naughty!!)

Imagine that - there are so many delegates at this year's conference that they need to hold two night meetings at the SUPERDOME to hold everyone (including the additional superdome nights attenders, such as ME!).

I was at Hillsong on sunday morning for their 8:45am service; we went to see Joyce Meyer (BTW she was fantastic!). Ps Brian announced that as of Sunday morning, there were 27,000 registered full-time delegates! It's pretty mind-blowing - especially for someone who grew up in a town of 14,000!

Ok, now back to work :)

G'day, Paula!
You're so lucky to be living in Australia right now, and I am incredibly jealous, because I LOVE both Michael W. Smith and Darlene Zschech. They have both had a profound impact on my life. I hope you enjoy the heck out of yourself.
Hey Paula, my conference diary says MWS is speaking at 730pm session on Thursday night (*subject to change)
Hope that helps!
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