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Friday, July 01, 2005

I have a happy heart!

Well, I went to see the Cardiologist last night. After a thorough (finally!) checkup and being questioned to death, my mind was put at peace with the Doctor deciding that my heart and lungs are fine. Thank God. It turns out that the chest pains were caused by spasms in the oesophagus - which apparently presents the same symptoms as heart pains in women.

Ps - what is it with specialists - is it a requisite for them to be eccentric? :)

That's really good news, Paula. I'm sure you're relieved!

I know what you mean about specialists - maybe that's the price you pay to be exceptionally bright and gifted??
Is your specialist male? Was he wearing a bowtie?

What is is with doctors and bowties?
Yes, he was a man; no he wasn't wearing a bow-tie.

I used to work in a hospital, and there was a consulting doctor who always wore a pink bow-tie - AND, he didn't have much of a sense of humour. So of course the head of mental health (who has a WICKED sense of humour) couldn't resist...and he himself sported a LARGE PINK CARDBOARD BOW-TIE for a while :)
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