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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Night #2


I can't believe that I'd never heard CeCe Winans before last night. I mean, I'd heard of her, and I suppose I had heard her, but not just her, on her own. I'd seen her on Oprah, I've heard her duets with BeBe. But last night was something different altogether. CeCe and her band took to the stage "after the worship" (I hate saying it like that), and took us straight to heaven. CeCe sang this song about Mary and her Alabaster Box, and I was nearly in tears.

Then after about half an hour with CeCe and her band, Joyce Meyer took to the stage, and spoke an incredible message on "Sit, Stand, Walk, Run". It was about how often, we are trying to run our race without first learning how to sit, stand, and walk:
  1. SIT: We are seated with Christ. He takes our burdens, the weight OFF our shoulders. It's not for us to bear.
  2. STAND: We are to take a stand against the enemy, and not let him run over us - and not to become passive in our lives.
  3. WALK: We are to "walk the walk" - walking in Christ is one good choice followed by another good choice.
  4. RUN: Then, we can "run the race set before us". However, while we are running, we still need to walk, stand, and sit.
Oh - and the line wasn't as long as monday night. I'm not sure if people were scared off, or it was just opening night crowds :)

** edit ** (I tried to add pictures, but photo blogger wasn't working...)

Keep trying Paula, I'd love to see your photos!

Sit, Stand, Walk, Run - sounds like the game "leader ball" we used to play at our primary school sports days :)
I was having trouble posting photos earlier today. I just kept trying and eventually it accepted the pic I was trying to load.

Good to hear that the conference continues to go well. I'd love to hear CeCe live.
Hey Paula it's great to hear your experiences at Hillsong. Make sure you keep blogging about it for those of us who weren't lucky enough to be there.

I have a list going on my site of some news stories about Hillsong - check it out here : http://www.baggas.com/blog/archive/2005/07/a_pilgrimage_of.html
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