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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Past Week

It seems like there's been a lot of "death" in the past week, and I think it got to me - hence the lack of blogging. First there was Paul Hester, then Terri Schiavo, then my friend Mr Hess, then the Pope! Although I only knew one of them personally, the first two deaths were, ultimately, preventable, which annoys me no end! Especially when people like Mr Hess and the Pope, who both had/have so much to give, but life is taken from them due to illness.

I've been wondering about my reaction to Mr Hess dying. I'm not as upset as I though I would be, but then maybe it's not yet real to me, as I'm away from where it's happening. I think it might hit me more when I go home next and realise that he's not there for me to go and visit. But at the same time, he'd been ill for the past few years, so maybe I'd already accepted that he might die before I see him again?

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