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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schindler-Schiavo

I've been following this terrible story lately.

A brief overview: Terri suffered a brain injury in the 90's, which caused severe mental damage, however not to the point where she became totally vegetative. Currently she still responds to external stimulation from people around her. However, she was unable to take fluids and food orally, and so has been fed via a feeding tube ever since.

Her husband took care of her until they were awarded compensation in a court case regarding her medical care. Michael (Terri's husband) now no longer cares for Terri, who is in hospital and who is also being cared for by her parents. Apparently most of the money from the court case, which was awarded for Terri's medical care, has since been spent on legal costs, with a small percentage being spent on Terri's medical care.

Michael is currently engaged to another lady, with whom he has 2 (?) children. If Michael was to divorce Terri, then she would have full access to the money awarded to her, and also be able to receive more progressive treatment and therapy - all progressive treatment was stopped by Michael soon after the court case. However, if Terri was to die (which is what will happen when the feeding tube is removed), Michael would stand to inherit all of the remaining money from the trial.

For the past few years Michael has been fighting in the courts to get Terri's feeding tube removed, on the premise that she is in a Permanent Vegetative State, and has no chance of improving.

Unfortunately, Michael has been successful in this attempt, and on the 18th of March, Terri's feeding tube was removed, and now begins the slow and painful process of death via starvation and dehydration.

Currently, Terri's parents are petitioning a federal court, with the support of congress and President Bush, to have her feeding tube re-inserted.

Please keep Terri, her family, and this latest attempt to save her life in your prayers.

For more information, please go here.

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