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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Goodies

It turns out that "The Goodies" from my childhood are actually still alive! - And they're doing a show at the Big Laugh Festival in Parramatta (on at the moment).

Apparently, the demand for tickets was so huge that they added an extra show, at the State Theatre on Sun 13th (March). It would have been incredible to go - I adored the Goodies when I was younger - I'd run home from school just so I'd be home in time to watch the show!

...however, we've got Marilyn Hickey preaching at our church that weekend.

I must admit, that it was a hard choice...especially seeing as Marilyn's doing 4 meetings with us...so what's one less meeting?

I think I'm going to be a good girl and to to church...even though the Goodies might die before I ever get the chance to see them...

Drama, drama!

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