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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I went to their Sydney show @ the UNSW Roundhouse last night...it was amazing!

The two support bands were Zinc and Small Mercies were good, they both played 45 minute sets, so it was a long wait for Switchfoot. The support bands finished around 9pm, and we had to wait a further 1/2 hour before Switchfoot came on.

However, it was worth the wait!

I had to keep reminding myself that it really was Switchfoot on the stage, and not just a good cover band or even a DVD on a massive screen! The way they controlled the crowd was amazing - and everyone was singing along!

Being an all-ages show @ the Roundhouse, over 18's were tagged to allow entrance to the bar, and also to the balcony area upstairs, which is where I watched the show from. Thanks to some really nice people that I met there (you know who you are!), they made sure that I was able to see unobstructed, so I was pretty much directly in front of the band.

There was a chance that I was going to be able to meet the band last night, but unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the plans fell through right at the last minute. Oh well - they said they'd be back in 6 months, so I'll see how it goes then!

Switchfoot also played some new songs from the album that they're in the middle (that's right - they toured Australia in the middle of recording their new album!), and they sound great.
This week is pretty huge actually - I get to see my favourite band AND my favourite comedians all in the space of three days! Woo Hoo!

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