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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First Day!

** I thought I'd keep this - better late than never! **
Well I'm now half-way through my first day at my new job.
Thankfully, I'm busy, but it's not the frantic, controlled chaos of my old job! It feels strange for me to not have the phone running off the hook...
I've got my own desk (one that's not a reception counter), a cool and comfy chair, and a nice computer with a flatscreen monitor and broadband! What more could one ask for? Nice pay? Got that too! Yay Yay Yay!
All I can say is PRAISE GOD!!! I can remember praying about a new job, and I said that I would like a job with good pay, that involves numbers, people (less than I was currently encountering), and a quiet, pleasant work atmosphere....and I got everything I asked for. (But that's because I'm his favourite ha ha)
Well, happy valentines day everyone, and enjoy your day!

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