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Friday, February 04, 2005

Melissa's funeral

A girl I know, Melissa, was buried today.

She was part of the CM Choir at church; she was diagnosed with cancer a few months after I met her, nearly 2 years ago. The tumour was in her stomach, wrapped around a major artery, and inoperable. I'm still not sure why, but Melissa opted not to undergo any form of treatment - not even chemo or radiotherapy. As the tumour grew, Melissa looked like she was expecting a baby - but there was no baby, just the cancer. We were all believing with her that God was going to heal her, but nothing happened. For a while there we thought that the cancer had stopped growing, but then it would begin to grow again, and grow with a vengeance.

However, now she's whole again, and free from all pain and discomfort - she's in Heaven, with God, and no doubt trying to sing louder than the angels! (as any good alto should attempt to do!)

Her funeral was held here, at my church. It was a sad time, but also a time for celebration - a celebration of Melissa, and her life. People were encouraged to wear bright colours - Melissa's son wore a hawaiian shirt, her mum wore a hot pink top, and the flowers on the coffin were an array of multi-coloured gerberas. A salvation-call was given during the ceremony, and PRAISE GOD - 3 people responded!

I wasn't able to go to the cemetery, but my friend said that they gave everyone brightly-coloured balloons, and at the end of the ceremony, they were all encouraged to let the balloons go - and let Melissa go as well.

God Bless You Melissa, and I know we'll see each other soon!

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