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Friday, February 11, 2005

My last day

Hello there!

Well sorry for once again neglecting everyone, but I've been flat-out tying up loose ends at my old job and training my replacement!

Today's my last day at work, so I'm not really planning on doing anything except supervise my replacement! Yay!

We had a farewell morning tea for me here yesterday, and guess what they gave me as a farewell present - tickets to Switchfoot!!!! They're playing at the UNSW Roundhouse on March 1. How great is that?!

I've just spent the last two nights at my friend's studio recording "easter carols" - parts for the songs we're using for our easter production. It's called "His Majesty", and the production covers from the creation of the world, to Christ's death and resurrection. So we're even singing a christmas carol! (Christmas carols in an easter production?!) The production's going to be held on Good Friday night and Resurrection Sunday night, so if you're free on one of those nights and you live in Sydney, feel free to come along!

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