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Monday, March 14, 2005

No more Goodies

Well, I was a good girl and went off to church on sunday night instead of going to see the Goodies...which was probably a good thing anyway, as I was needed to fill-in for our Worship Pastor for the PM service - I think she was a bit busy, with having Marilyn Hickey here for the next three days!

Last night's service was incredible! We had around 1200 adults, plus almost 200 children out in their church area. It was to the point where people were sitting on the steps of the tiered seating and we also had around 150 people out in the overflow area in the foyer.

Marilyn's teaching on end-time events, which should be interesting. I never take one person's word for gospel - especially when it comes to end-time prophecy, because I believe that everyone is able to receive their own personal revelation of the bible - even the book of revelation. So my plan is to listen to everything she says, and compare it to everything that I believe, and see what we come up with!

Marilyn's going to be speaking again tonight at 7:30pm, and tuesday night at 7:30pm. Tomorrow morning she's doing a "How to move in the spirit" seminar, which should be interesting for all those who aren't working in the morning.

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