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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What's so amazing about Life Group

Well we should be nearly finished our study of "What's so Amazing About Grace" by now, but because we have our life group on a different night to most of the groups (ours-monday, others-tuesday), it's been cancelled the last few weeks due to church meetings (Marilyn Hickey), easter production rehearsals (well, that one was just me), and then last night, we postponed it until tonight because it was a public holiday.

However, what that means for me is that I'm now 3 weeks behind in the reading. Where most of the group should be finished section 2 of the book, I'm still in the introduction. This is quite abnormal for me - once I start a book, it's generally finished by the end of the week - unless I'm already reading one that has my full attention....which is currently the case:

At the moment I'm reading what is currently the second-to-last book in Patricia Cornwell's "Kay Scarpetta" series. This one's called "Blowfly". My flatmate got me hooked, and now i'm committed to finishing the series in record time. I started "Blowfly" two days ago, and I'm now just over half way. But - my flatmate pointed out that Cornwell has changed her writing style - she's changed from 1st person narrative to 3rd person observational writing, which is really starting to annoy me. My flatmate informed me that she goes back to her better 1st person narrative in the next book, which I can't wait to read!

Maybe then I'll get around to finishing "What's so Amazing about Grace". (It's not that I don't want to read it, i'm just obsessed with the Scarpetta series!)

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