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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Book @ Life Group

Well, it's not really new as my cell leader gave us each a copy for Christmas, and the cell has been reading it for the past 3 weeks, but I haven't been at cell for the past 3 weeks, so it's new to me. Ok? haha.

Anyway, we're continuing on our study of books...and the book we're currently reading is called "Intimate Friendship With God - Through Understanding the Fear of God", by Joy Dawson.

The name is enough to make me think twice about reading it. Not that I'm not interested, but often I just don't feel like reading anything to theologically deep. I know - that sounds horrible.

Just to clarify that last sentence - I love theological study, but usually I find myself reading texts about Worship and the like. I tend to avoid books on prayer and self discipline...which really tells me that I need to read them all the more!

Anyway, last night, my half of the cell read chapters 8-10. These three chapters dealt with Godly relationships, God's view on Sex, and the influence that women have over men. These three chapters surprised me, as I didn't expect to find them in a book on the Fear of God!

The thing that probably stuck in my mind the most from last night's readings were the examples that Joy gave of women in the bible who didn't use their influence wisely - Eve and Bathsheba are two that I remember. And then of one woman, Abigail, who used her influence as a woman to save her family and staff from death!

It's a fantastic book, and a surprisingly easy read, considering the subject matter. It was written in 1986, so some topics are slightly dated, and you may find that some chapters are not applicable to you, but read it anyway!

i like hymns over rock. my favorite is the anglican st. michaels singers of coventry cathedral. im trying to put together a live link of at least 3 intercontinental anglican choirs. the non english ones would have to put forth special energy in their pronunciation of consonants to make it sound english. nobody does hymn singing better than english anglican cathedral choirs
"...the influence that women have over men"

only one chapter?!!
haha Bruce, very funny. I suppose you need something to laugh at (instead of crying over your poor eagles).
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