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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The long weekend

Yesterday (monday 13th) was the Queen's Birthday public holiday. If I was still in Sth Australia, I'd have been at my "old" church's young adults camp, which is one of the best ways to spend the long weekend. This year would have been my 10th year at camp. Gee - I guess that makes me old?

So, instead, I went with some friends up to Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. We walked down part of the "great staircase" to sit inside one of the "Three Sisters". As a result, I'm finding it hard today to walk down stairs. The good thing about yesterday (apart from all the beautiful scenery, or shrubbery, as one of my friends called it), was that it rained solidly for 4 hours. Luckily, it was after we'd finished our walk to the sisters.

We finished the day by discovering a cafe called "The Flapping Curtain", and sat down to a slow, but beautiful meal, which they proudly informed us was mostly organic. The clientele (and staff) were slightly bohemian - which made us feel like we were in a small cafe in Newtown, without the hustle and bustle...

I'm going to find some photos of Katoomba and the Three sisters and post them for you all to stare at in wonder :)

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